Are the sky high prices of clothes coming in your way of exploring your personal style, looking fashionable and chic? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore The Whaley center is there for your rescue.

What is Whaley Center Fayetteville NC?

Whaley center Fayetteville NC is a high class thrift store located at a premium site of 4554 Yadkin Road, Fayetteville North Carolina, surrounded by restaurants, retailers and other shopping brands to make it easier and convenient for you to visit us. You can sell your old, out of fashion items of clothing from your wardrobes and buy your favorite refurbished articles from us.

How is Whaley Center Different From Other Shopping Centers?

We work hard to give you a comfortable,  memorable yet inexpensive shopping experience. With the dedication and continuous hard work of our team we were able to take forward Karese Whaley vision and get into consignment with three thrift stores. This brought together three stores with different visions and specialization yet same purpose in one place for your convenience. Here’s a brief overview of the stores:

Purpose of Whaley Center

The purpose of our Whaley Center is to promote sustainability and recycling, and to give your unused item of clothing a new home. We aim to  remove the stereo typical mentality that people generally hold regarding thrift stores and conscientiously work hard to gain mutual benefit from this venture. We do not support the absurd mentality that thrift shopping is for the poor people only and so we never compromise on the quality of the clothes.

Our Role in the Community

Whaley center is not just a normal clothing shop. We understand and acknowledge the fact that clothing is indeed a basic human necessity and unfortunately some people are deprived from this. Our team responsibly works  hand in hand all year long to play our part in the society and help these under privileged people in every possible way.

In addition to this, we warmly welcome all our beloved customers regardless of their cast, creed and background. We are strongly condemn all acts of racism and favoritism and we ensure you that you won’t experience it at our center.

We look forward to have you at our center.


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