There are several methods for applying tint to windows. Some people have a pre-cut kit and others use an Elliot Baker or Gila window film. Regardless of which method you use, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. This will make the process faster. Using a squeegee is very helpful. A precision knife can be used to cut the tint. It is also helpful to use the window seal as a guide.

How to Apply Tint to a Window

Elliot Baker

In this video, professional tint installer Elliot Baker shows viewers how to apply window film. First, prepare the window. Spray the window with soapy water. Then, slide the film on the window, dousing it in the water and letting it glide. Cut the film, overlapping it by one centimeter. Remove the excess film from the window with the squeegee.


There are a few different ways to install Gila tint for windows in your home. You can use it to improve the look of your exterior windows, such as your home’s front door, or even on interior glass surfaces such as shower enclosures, kitchen cabinets, and table tops. Choosing the correct film for your home’s windows can help you make the most out of the space. The process is easy and requires little preparation, so you should have no trouble getting the job done on your own. Gila window film is durable and can last for many years.


A squeegee is a tool that is used to apply window tint. The adhesive of window tint reacts to pressure and tends to cling to the glass. To apply the tint, start from the corner and work your way up. Use even strokes and lubricate the squeegee with a soapy solution before applying it. The film will adhere to the glass after it has cured for seven to ten days.

Pre-cut kit

A pre-cut kit for applying tint to a car window can make the whole process a lot simpler for you. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, a pre-cut kit will fit your windows perfectly. All you have to do is peel off the liner and spray the film. Then, squeegee away any bubbles. Once the film has dried, you can wipe it clean with a wet rag.

Cleaning windows before tinting

Before you begin the process of tinting your windows, you should thoroughly clean them. The best method is to use glass cleaner. Avoid harsh cleansers because they will ruin the film. Another option is to use liquid dish soap diluted with water. Be sure to use an ammonia-free product. The liquid must be wiped off the glass thoroughly, but not saturated. Too much soap will leave streaks on the film that will be visible in the sun.


If you are considering tinting your vehicle’s windows, you must follow DVSA guidelines. You should be aware that illegally tinted windows cannot pass a vehicle test, so it is important to follow these guidelines. Additionally, the DVSA can check the window tint level of your vehicle using light measuring equipment. It is important to understand that if your vehicle has tinted windows, it will be deemed a modification. This could mean that any future claims you make will be invalid.

Local laws

In order to legally tint a window in your car, you must know your state’s window tinting laws. These laws vary for each state, but generally, the tinting you apply must stay above the AS-1 line. The AS-1 line is an imaginary horizontal line found on most motor vehicles, and is outlined by an AS-1 line or character. Most window tinting professionals know the guidelines and can advise you accordingly.


The cost of tinting a window depends on several factors. The type of window, its location, and its shape all affect the overall cost. A flat window is cheaper to tint than a window with many separate panes or a skylight. Likewise, the more expensive window will be harder to install and may require special ladders. Furthermore, if the window is on a high floor or if it is a commercial project in the works, it may require pre-installation work.

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