For many of us, Pizza is a favorite. But how about losing weight or improving your eating habits? Is it healthy with Pizza? What about the number of calories in a piece of Pizza? Some simple tips can assist you in increasing your pizza nutrients to keep your food nutritious.

Nutrition and Calories in Pizza

For a slice (107g) of regular cheese pizza from the typical fast-food pizza chain, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (United States) provides the following nutrition information.

Calories: 285

Sodium: 640mg

Fat: 10.4g

Carbohydrates: 35.7g

Sugars: 3.8g

Fiber: 2.5g

Protein: 12.2g

Based on the toppings, cooking methods, crust, and pizza slice size, Pizza calories and nutrition can change considerably. A very modest slice of cheese pizza is likely to produce just 200 calories (1/8 of an entire pizza or 80 grams). Other forms of cheese pizza could contain 235 calories a portion or more depending on the serving size and where you can purchase them. But it is more likely to produce 300 calories or more than a regular slice of cheese pizza from several popular pizza companies such as Pizza Hut (1/2/105 gram) 3 More than 700 calories are provided in a single 10-ounce piece of Costco cheese pizza.

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Pizza with the Highest Calories

Meat-loaded Pizza not only adds calories but also increases your saturated fat intake. 6 For this reason, among the most unhealthy pizzas you may consume are a pizza laden with processed meats. The pizza style (thin or thick crust, deep plates, etc.) also changes calorie numbers. Here is a peek at how your calories can increase slices of different toppings and preparation ways.

Processed: There are about 250–300 calories in one standard piece of sausage or pepperoni. 7 Cheese extra: A piece of plain cheese pizza is one of the lowest selections, but you can increase your calorie consumption by doubling the cheese

Fast food pizzas: 285 calories for a slice of quick-food cheese pizza.

Frozen pizzas: frozen pizzas are slightly less caloric yet not fresh. There are around 268 calories per 100-gram portion of frozen pizza bought from the shop.

Deep plates: Deep plates such as Domino’s contain 313 calories. A slice of fast-food chain pizza. But other pizzas can be far lower in one serving with 282 calories.

Suppose that every sort of meat that you put to your Pizza is around 40 calories per slice in order to count calories. This amount could, of course, change somewhat. Your cook may be handy and may add a lot of sausage or pepperoni, or perhaps the toppings are lighter in their style. It is a good estimate if specific nutrition data are not readily available.

Depending on the toppings, style, and serving size, the number of calories pizzas might vary. You can also decide not to eat the crust to cut a few extra calories.

The Lowest Calorie Pizza Per Slice

Almost often, a vegetarian cheese pizza will be your lowest choice of Calorie pizza, except plain cheese pizza. A slice of most vegetable pizzas has approximately 235–240 calories. 12 Very few calories in comparison to meat surfaces deliver the flavor of vegetables. The use of veggie tops such as green peppers, tomatoes, and onions will help increase dietary fiber and antioxidants when calories are lowered. You could even try broccoli or spinach. Instead of heavier meat toppings, you could find that you prefer vegetables such as bell peppers and mushrooms on your Pizza.


As part of a healthy diet, pizza of any kind can be moderately enjoyed. However, choosing healthy choices on toppings and looking at portion sizes will help to enjoy your pizza pie without using too many extra calories. Although many individuals are calling for a ‘pizza diet’ to reduce weight, it is not recommended by nutritionists and health professionals. As usual, the optimum diet is nutrient-dense, balanced, and suitable for your personal way of living.

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