Hemp Pain Balm is a topical product that contains high amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids. It was created to target localized areas for pain relief. It can be applied to muscles, joints, and skin.

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids (otherwise known as phytocannabinoids) are the chemical compounds that give the hemp plant its unique properties. They interact with receptors in our bodies to produce pharmacological effects. Some of these cannabinoids include CBD, CBG, CBC, THCV, Terpenes, Flavonoids and more!

How Does Hemp Pain Balm Work?

People suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, bursitis and more can benefit from using this product because it delivers an effective dose of natural medicine directly to the affected area.

The most well-known cannabinoid within Hemp Pain Balm is CBD or Cannabidiol, which has been shown to work as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroprotectant. Some of the other cannabinoids found in this product also include CBG or Cannabigerol (which has demonstrated its own set of therapeutic benefits) & CBC or Cannabichromene (which can help with swelling and pain). However, it’s important not to discount the value of smaller amounts of THCV or Tetrahydrocannabivarin, which is a very powerful psychoactive cannabinoid that has been known to reduce anxiety; along with Terpenes & Flavonoids too!

What are the Benefits of Hemp Pain Balm?

There are several benefits to using hemp pain balm. The primary ingredient, cannabis sativa seed oil (which is cold pressed from the seeds of the plant), contains proteins and other compounds that can help moisturize & nourish skin. These components also work to reduce inflammation, provide analgesic properties and promote better blood flow throughout the body – which helps with healing wounds faster!

Hemp Pain Balm also doesn’t have many side effects; but it may cause drowsiness or dryness in some people. As with any product containing THC, you should check with your doctor before trying it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Where You Can you Buy?

Hemp Pain Balm can be easily found at Shop ihemp. There, you can purchase it with or without THC, which is the chemical in cannabis that gets people high. You will also find other products like hemp oil and CBD oil there.

Hemp Pain Balm, on the other hand, is used topically for pain relief and as a skin moisturizer. It’s a salve made from natural ingredients that includes 100% pure hemp seed oil and THC.

Methods of Using Hemp Pain Balm

The best method of using hemp pain balm is through application on the skin. You just have to apply a thin, even layer where you want relief from pain. Be sure not to use too much because it may feel greasy and uncomfortable on your skin. Also, topical application means you will not experience psychoactive effects common with smoking or eating cannabis products since THC doesn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream.

Ingredients in Hemp Pain Balm

Hemp seed oil : This product contains 100% pure hemp seed oil which can help relieve achy muscles, joint pains and arthritis symptoms. It also helps hydrate dry skin for softer appearance.

Menthol : Adding menthol has a cooling effect that provides relief from minor aches and pains. Menthol also has antibacterial properties and opens up the air passageways which helps clear up congestion.

Cayenne : Not only does capsaicin help counter inflammation, it can help relieve pain from arthritis and rheumatism as well as muscle tension. It also increases blood circulation to improve skin tone and appearance of small wounds (e.g. scrapes).

Myrrh extract : An essential oil that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine because of its anti-inflammatory qualities as well as having antimicrobial benefits thus great for wound care. It is traditionally known to help speed wound healing by reducing clotting time while stimulating fibroblasts to promote collagen production and epithelialization.


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