How often should I get a massage?

Many things have been said on the Internet about how often you should receive massage. The thought varies widely. They say if it were possible of course every day (like Bob Hope & George Burns who was once quoted as saying his massages were why he was living so long, that is when he wasn’t saying it was his bad habits for a laugh – research says it is the laughing that helps not the women or cigars).

Others say weekly and there is a good deal of support for this idea out there. Candace Pert and many others have been quoted on this. If time and money were both available – this is what my personal preference would be because I can stay more limber and am able to do so much more physically.

Others say monthly. But the truth is that REGULAR massage works best. We can build on the progress of the previous massage unless of course you are only coming in once or twice a year. BUT if that is what you feel you need to do: here’s how to make it work at least a little better. ONE when not getting regular massage exercise is required unless of course you like to hurt. Drinking enough water cropped-DSCN2633.jpgis required. TWO take a massage class with your spouse when not getting enough professional massage and massage each other regularly preferably on a massage table so you don’t hurt yourself giving the massage. THREE Then when stress, injuries, and just life gets more
intense then come in for a professional massage.

Finally please know when you put taking care of your body last in your priorities, it eventually breaks down on you. Research shows you can accomplish much more in less time when you are not in pain. Know that you are worth it.

5 thoughts on “How often should I get a massage?

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