Experience massage while being grounded or Earthed.

One of the most fascinating discoveries benefiting good health is that of “Earthing”. U-Tube interview videos by Dr. Mercola of the scientists & inventor involved show just how beneficial it is. Cardiologists, MD’s, Biologists, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, PhD’s who are experts in Electro-Medicine, and many others speak to the incredible results being achieved by being grounded.

I have my own testimonial. In fact I am on page 167-168 of the second edition of Earthing. My testimonial made it into the book because in being grounded for three years (not doing exercise, very little dietary changes, or anything really that would account for the benefits I received) I achieved steady improvement and continue to improve with it. It is phenomenal. I will never sleep anything but grounded again.

Now as of today, I have the grounded mats necessary around my massage table so I will be grounded during each and every massage. The research shows that with the LMT grounded and having connection to the clients body the client also experiences the benefit of being grounded. This has the potential to increase the benefits of the massage hugely. It will allow me to be grounded almost as much of each day as Dr. Mercola chooses to be grounded.

I look forward to hearing what differences my long term clients feel during and after their massages now as opposed to what they felt before. I look forward to seeing the changes it makes in me.

I have recently started the exercises I should have ten years ago. I am making the changes now that I have procrastinated on. Combining better lifestyle choices with additional time grounded, I anticipate better results. I will of course keep you informed of the benefits I receive.

As our bodies are essentially electrical in nature through our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems this balancing of EMF exposure and reduction in free radicals within our bodies is fascinating in all respects to see the responses we have. Weightloss, pain reduction, better sleep, reduction of contracture, reduction of size and severity of arthritic joints, greater range of movement — are a few of the benefits I personally am experiencing as a result of Earthing. I have great strength in my hands and part of it is due to being grounded.

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