Exercise VS Massage (Should’s & Ought’s)

We all know we “should” exercise more if we want good health or eat better, etc… What you may not know is the guilt over NOT doing those things have been proven to have a negative affect on our bodies. That’s a future blog – not this one!

Starting regular exercise when we do it infrequently is a painful process. BUT exercise or movement is not something we can put off forever. Massage helps tremendously when we are NOT exercising. Massage helps us ease into exercise slowly, & done right without injuries to use as an excuse.

More research appears daily that even getting up and walking or standing every ten minutes has amazing benefits. Movement of any kind even undulation or micro-movements like in the Continuum work of Emily Conrad have worthwhile health benefits. The point is start small. Find something you like to do, as our options for movement are almost unlimited. Use massage to help you into it, help you through it, or to fill in the gaps when for some reason you must have a gap in your regular exercise. I am on this journey with you.

2 thoughts on “Exercise VS Massage (Should’s & Ought’s)

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