Drinking Water After Massage

Every massage therapist tells you to drink lots of water when you have a massage for great reasons too. Material trapped in our bodies need to be removed. Water helps transport them. Lymph is our critical cleansing system which can only work through exercise or massage. When the the system is overworked, our liver drops what it is doing and helps process  this material. Water and oxygen are essential both directly and indirectly. Out goes the old and in comes the new. If the old doesn’t go out we feel fatigue, lethargy, and sometimes even nausea. Massage can break it up
and move it part of the way but the lymph, liver, & kidneys have to do their part. Without the water its effectiveness is limited. Water is the difference between a good massage and a great massage but it is up to you to drink it. You feel better and the benefits seem to last longer when you hydrate before and especially after a massage.

2 thoughts on “Drinking Water After Massage

  1. バーバリー

    Okay article. You have a good opinion on the subject and I’ll be subscribing to your feed and hope you shall post again soon on similar subjects. But I was curious on what your sources for the article are? Thanks a lot

    1. Karen of Heart Touch Post author

      I am working on finding my notes for sources, they are packed away in boxes. “Your Bodies Many Cries For Water.” “Drink Water For Life” by Deanna DeLong. Many articles and talks from Naturopaths etc. I am trying to learn the software, find my notes, and figure out the blogging thing. Bear with me there are some great posts coming. I am very sensitive on the subject of advertising though, so while I learn I may delete most links.

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