Monthly Archives: August 2014

Responsibility to speak up.

As a deep tissue massage therapist I encounter frequently people who think they have had deep tissue massage who are unprepared for deeper work. With my longer format in my work normally I can start out slow and go in gradually so it is not as intense. When you tell me it hurts I usually suggest that as I go a little lighter you breathe deeply as it releases faster and you are not as inclined to tense up and make it hurt more. Yet if that is still not enough, you as the person on the table have a responsibility to say that it is still too deep and that you cannot take it. When I or another deep tissue therapist find a muscle starting to let go, we get excited because we know we are nearly at the stage where we can make a significant change for the better. If you are dehydrated, or sedentary, or eat a mainly acidic diet it will be much more intense. Let us know what you can handle – do your best to relax and lets find the rate of release that is best for you. We are not mind readers, we need your feedback to do the best specifically for you. While I do want to save you money, with fewer massages needed to make a difference – not everyone can handle it. So speak up.