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Auto Accident Recovery

I have had occasion to address the recovery process from auto accident injuries using massage as one of the treatments. Accidents – even low speed accidents – can affect each of us differently depending on circumstances. Did you see the accident coming? Did you tense up on impact? Was your spine or neck straight at the moment of impact? Did you have a concussion?

When we yell, honk the horn, slam on the brakes, and tense in any way – all those areas of tension can be transmitted to one or more areas of the body. I once worked on someone that it appeared as if tension from the impact went up her arm from the horn, up her legs from braking and locking the other leg on the floor of the car, and into her jaw from yelling at the other driver to stop straight into her sacrum. She had never had issues with her sacrum before and now many years later it is still not in pre-accident condition. She didn’t write down the process she went through to get better, nor the things she could no longer do.  She forgot what it was like to be whole.

Another looked over her left shoulder at the moment of impact and where she was rotating her spine to see the on-coming car is now an area that has been re-injured a few times making it a point of weakness she has to constantly exercise to prevent future re-injuries.

But the most frustrating is when a concussion is also present. Soft tissue injuries take longer than bone breaks to heal. It appears to me that concussion can make the healing process even slower. (Dr. Amen has written a book on healing the brain to heal the body that seems to have a great deal of merit.) I am sorry to tell you that if you have been injured in a MVA, you will have to exercise, stretch, and manage those areas of injury possibly for the rest of your life to not be adversely affected. It can be a blessing also because after such an event you HAVE to take better care of yourself. Sitting isn’t something you want to do a lot of after an injury. You need to move, to exercise, to be active – even decades after an accident. Do those things and it does not have to affect you and you can make your body better than it was pre-accident.