Special times

Soon Valentines Day will be upon us. I am going to offer a special deal for couples (one at a time of course) between now and the end of January 2015 I will offer two – two hour massages (gift certificates which can be used any time in the next year) for just $100. If you wait until February 2015 to get them the price will raise to two – two hour massage gift certificates for $125. This is a chance for both of you to take care of each other and yourself. These low prices don’t happen often so don’t lose out on this offer. They are for deep tissue massage and you will pay more than three times as much elsewhere and not get the experience I have. Happy Valentines!

Responsibility to speak up.

As a deep tissue massage therapist I encounter frequently people who think they have had deep tissue massage who are unprepared for deeper work. With my longer format in my work normally I can start out slow and go in gradually so it is not as intense. When you tell me it hurts I usually suggest that as I go a little lighter you breathe deeply as it releases faster and you are not as inclined to tense up and make it hurt more. Yet if that is still not enough, you as the person on the table have a responsibility to say that it is still too deep and that you cannot take it. When I or another deep tissue therapist find a muscle starting to let go, we get excited because we know we are nearly at the stage where we can make a significant change for the better. If you are dehydrated, or sedentary, or eat a mainly acidic diet it will be much more intense. Let us know what you can handle – do your best to relax and lets find the rate of release that is best for you. We are not mind readers, we need your feedback to do the best specifically for you. While I do want to save you money, with fewer massages needed to make a difference – not everyone can handle it. So speak up.

Experience massage while being grounded or Earthed.

One of the most fascinating discoveries benefiting good health is that of “Earthing”. U-Tube interview videos by Dr. Mercola of the scientists & inventor involved show just how beneficial it is. Cardiologists, MD’s, Biologists, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, PhD’s who are experts in Electro-Medicine, and many others speak to the incredible results being achieved by being grounded.

I have my own testimonial. In fact I am on page 167-168 of the second edition of Earthing. My testimonial made it into the book because in being grounded for three years (not doing exercise, very little dietary changes, or anything really that would account for the benefits I received) I achieved steady improvement and continue to improve with it. It is phenomenal. I will never sleep anything but grounded again.

Now as of today, I have the grounded mats necessary around my massage table so I will be grounded during each and every massage. The research shows that with the LMT grounded and having connection to the clients body the client also experiences the benefit of being grounded. This has the potential to increase the benefits of the massage hugely. It will allow me to be grounded almost as much of each day as Dr. Mercola chooses to be grounded.

I look forward to hearing what differences my long term clients feel during and after their massages now as opposed to what they felt before. I look forward to seeing the changes it makes in me.

I have recently started the exercises I should have ten years ago. I am making the changes now that I have procrastinated on. Combining better lifestyle choices with additional time grounded, I anticipate better results. I will of course keep you informed of the benefits I receive.

As our bodies are essentially electrical in nature through our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems this balancing of EMF exposure and reduction in free radicals within our bodies is fascinating in all respects to see the responses we have. Weightloss, pain reduction, better sleep, reduction of contracture, reduction of size and severity of arthritic joints, greater range of movement — are a few of the benefits I personally am experiencing as a result of Earthing. I have great strength in my hands and part of it is due to being grounded.

Auto Accident Recovery

I have had occasion to address the recovery process from auto accident injuries using massage as one of the treatments. Accidents – even low speed accidents – can affect each of us differently depending on circumstances. Did you see the accident coming? Did you tense up on impact? Was your spine or neck straight at the moment of impact? Did you have a concussion?

When we yell, honk the horn, slam on the brakes, and tense in any way – all those areas of tension can be transmitted to one or more areas of the body. I once worked on someone that it appeared as if tension from the impact went up her arm from the horn, up her legs from braking and locking the other leg on the floor of the car, and into her jaw from yelling at the other driver to stop straight into her sacrum. She had never had issues with her sacrum before and now many years later it is still not in pre-accident condition. She didn’t write down the process she went through to get better, nor the things she could no longer do.  She forgot what it was like to be whole.

Another looked over her left shoulder at the moment of impact and where she was rotating her spine to see the on-coming car is now an area that has been re-injured a few times making it a point of weakness she has to constantly exercise to prevent future re-injuries.

But the most frustrating is when a concussion is also present. Soft tissue injuries take longer than bone breaks to heal. It appears to me that concussion can make the healing process even slower. (Dr. Amen has written a book on healing the brain to heal the body that seems to have a great deal of merit.) I am sorry to tell you that if you have been injured in a MVA, you will have to exercise, stretch, and manage those areas of injury possibly for the rest of your life to not be adversely affected. It can be a blessing also because after such an event you HAVE to take better care of yourself. Sitting isn’t something you want to do a lot of after an injury. You need to move, to exercise, to be active – even decades after an accident. Do those things and it does not have to affect you and you can make your body better than it was pre-accident.

What Is Good Health?

My philosophy of Good Health based on 27 plus years of research — is our bodies require a balance of Harmony & Flow.  Harmony of what we think & what we feel. Harmony of what we think we deserve & what we want. Basically harmony within & without. Physical / Emotional. What goes in & what comes out. When flow is restricted whether it is of fluids, lymph, movement, chemicals, nutrients, or wastes – the system comes to a stop. Any dual function system when one of the functions has a disparity or discord then dis-ease results. Flow & harmony create a balance which results in homeostasis or good health. Certainly it is an over simplification of a complex system but it works. Massage moves blood & lymph. It can help restore the blockages that result in an imbalance in bodily functions or the environment of our body.

Exercise VS Massage (Should’s & Ought’s)

We all know we “should” exercise more if we want good health or eat better, etc… What you may not know is the guilt over NOT doing those things have been proven to have a negative affect on our bodies. That’s a future blog – not this one!

Starting regular exercise when we do it infrequently is a painful process. BUT exercise or movement is not something we can put off forever. Massage helps tremendously when we are NOT exercising. Massage helps us ease into exercise slowly, & done right without injuries to use as an excuse.

More research appears daily that even getting up and walking or standing every ten minutes has amazing benefits. Movement of any kind even undulation or micro-movements like in the Continuum work of Emily Conrad have worthwhile health benefits. The point is start small. Find something you like to do, as our options for movement are almost unlimited. Use massage to help you into it, help you through it, or to fill in the gaps when for some reason you must have a gap in your regular exercise. I am on this journey with you.

Drinking Water After Massage

Every massage therapist tells you to drink lots of water when you have a massage for great reasons too. Material trapped in our bodies need to be removed. Water helps transport them. Lymph is our critical cleansing system which can only work through exercise or massage. When the the system is overworked, our liver drops what it is doing and helps process  this material. Water and oxygen are essential both directly and indirectly. Out goes the old and in comes the new. If the old doesn’t go out we feel fatigue, lethargy, and sometimes even nausea. Massage can break it up
and move it part of the way but the lymph, liver, & kidneys have to do their part. Without the water its effectiveness is limited. Water is the difference between a good massage and a great massage but it is up to you to drink it. You feel better and the benefits seem to last longer when you hydrate before and especially after a massage.

How often should I get a massage?

Many things have been said on the Internet about how often you should receive massage. The thought varies widely. They say if it were possible of course every day (like Bob Hope & George Burns who was once quoted as saying his massages were why he was living so long, that is when he wasn’t saying it was his bad habits for a laugh – research says it is the laughing that helps not the women or cigars).

Others say weekly and there is a good deal of support for this idea out there. Candace Pert and many others have been quoted on this. If time and money were both available – this is what my personal preference would be because I can stay more limber and am able to do so much more physically.

Others say monthly. But the truth is that REGULAR massage works best. We can build on the progress of the previous massage unless of course you are only coming in once or twice a year. BUT if that is what you feel you need to do: here’s how to make it work at least a little better. ONE when not getting regular massage exercise is required unless of course you like to hurt. Drinking enough water cropped-DSCN2633.jpgis required. TWO take a massage class with your spouse when not getting enough professional massage and massage each other regularly preferably on a massage table so you don’t hurt yourself giving the massage. THREE Then when stress, injuries, and just life gets more
intense then come in for a professional massage.

Finally please know when you put taking care of your body last in your priorities, it eventually breaks down on you. Research shows you can accomplish much more in less time when you are not in pain. Know that you are worth it.

Welcome To Heart Touch Center New Blog

Hello and welcome to Heart Touch Center’s new blog (dba Heart Touch) – My name is Karen HTC logo-1031-bBall and I have been a licensed massage therapist since 1990,  taking my first massage classes in 1978. Having an interest in health primarily natural health, I have been doing research on health related topics for more than 27 years following the links and reading the books to see the validity of the research. I will be sharing many of the things I have learned about massage, and health over the years and steer you in the right direction to do your own research as well. Many times doing just little things improves our health immensely.