Search on your public libraries' available databases or resources and you will find thousands of articles pertaining to research on the benefits of massage! I have listed several here for you that I found particularly compelling and back up my beliefs, knowledge and the results my clients have experienced.

The Touch Research Institutes (TRI) at the University of Miami School of Medicine is the first center that devotes its efforts solely to the study of touch and its applications in science and medicine for health promotion and the treatment of disease. Research at the center began in 1992. More information about TRI is available at

COPYRIGHT 2003 PR Newswire Association, Inc. MIAMI, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The Touch Research Institutes (TRI) at the University of Miami School of Medicine today announced research indicates that massage therapy increases the number of natural killer cells known to destroy cancer cells in women with breast cancer, thereby increasing patient immune function.

“The Magic of Touch,” Anne Underwood, Newsweek (April 6, 1998): 71-72. Life Magazine August 1997, The Healing Power of Touch pg 52 Cover story.

"The Benefits of Massage for Low Back Pain." Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter 19.7 (Sept 2001): 6. A new study adds support to the contention that massage can have therapeutic value--in this case, reducing the lower back pain that many Americans sometimes experience. Researchers at the Group Health Cooperative in Seattle made the finding when they followed about 260 people, most of whom had been experiencing low back pain continuously for at least a year. Some were given up to 10 massages in 10 weeks; some, up to 10 acupuncture treatments; and some, a book and two educational videos designed for people with chronic back pain. Working with researchers in Boston, the Seattle investigators found that after the 10 weeks were up, the massage group suffered less disability than the other two groups. For instance, says study leader Daniel Cherkin, PhD, they did not have as much difficulty climbing stairs, turning over in bed, or getting dressed. And the benefits didn't end with the massages. After a year, the number of filled pain medication prescriptions and the cost of outpatient HMO back care services were about 40 percent lower in the massage group than the other two groups.
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