My Mission: Your Good Health
We have all heard that exercise, diet, proper hydration, stretching, and state of mind affects our health. If you have less time for any of those areas of your life, massage can be the key to making it all work better. It can be the support to compensate when life doesn't give you the time to do the things you need. In doing so, it helps you be more productive and more able to accomplish what you need to in the time you have.

In order for you to come in as frequently as you need for your health, based on the level of self care you have time to do, I have structured my rates with great care and to be most affordable. Committment to your self care through the purchase of package prices will reduce your rates further and guarantee you the lowest rate for the highest quality massage work you can find. Getting massage on a regular basis allows you to receive a deeper work that goes just as deep as needed to move knots, trapped nutrients and metabolic wastes, so your body can bring in blood, lymph, fresh nutrients, and oxygen to where you need it most.

I never hurry a massage, instead, I take the time necessary for your body to work as a complete functioning unit. Neck and shoulders have long been my specialty. These areas, when tense, can negatively affect the rest of your body. Your body works as a whole, so when treated as a whole, your massage lasts longer. Again, I am committed to improving your health and creating the best possible environment for your massage experience.
At HTC, you'll relax on a wider-than-average electric massage table, making it easy to get on and off. It is padded with Tempur-Pedic memory foam on top of several other layers of different density foam. I use only flannel sheets and single-use extra large heated bath-sheets instead of blankets. Use of hot packs is standard with each massage. I have chosen these elements to make your massage as comfortable as possible.

There's a wide variety of soothing music available to make your massage more relaxing, and you are welcome to bring your own CDs. I check in with you frequently about how you're feeling during the massage so I can adjust to how you are feeling and what your body needs most.

A Body Cushion is available for pre-natal massage and those who find laying face down even on a soft table difficult for a variety of reasons (low back, breasts, abdominal surgeries, & other health conditions).

Constantly seeking to learn more and be more effective... it is my job to be the best I can be. I take that very seriously. It is as if massage or the service I provide with my massage work is the same as my religion. I truly care about your health and well being.
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