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With a father in the military, I moved constantly between birth and 3 when he retired. Since then, my entire life has been lived on the west coast, with me finally coming home to Oregon in 1974.

I gave my first massages at the age of 5 to an elderly neighbor while standing on the top of his porch with him sitting several steps down. He was so appreciative, I would rub his shoulders until I thought my little fingers would fall off.

I took my first massage class in 1978 at Lane Community College. Honestly, I did it to get cheap weekly massage with a friend. But, it was like a light bulb went off in that class: I have never flet like I belonged to something like I did in that class, and in doing every massage I have done since.

Having a good paying job at the time, I was reluctant to make a change. So, I took total of 4 massage classes from LCC, and just worked on friends. It took me 11 years to get over my doubts and become a licensed massage therapist. It was the best choice of my life.
A Little History:
Higher Education (in Chronological order:)
Columbia Junior College, AA degree
Lane Community College
University of Oregon
Linfield College
Portland State University
East West College of the Healing Arts, Graduate Certificate
Oregon School of Massage, continuing education
University of the Public Library - offline starting in 1969
University of the Public Library - online research starting in 1986
Karen Ball - Massage Therapy Beaverton Portland
Karen Ball - Massage Therapy Beaverton Portland
Continuing Education:
Russian Massage with Zhenya Kurashova Wine
Reiki I & II with Frank Coppieters PhD., LMT
Reiki III with Sandra E. Keeton B.S. & Joy Ellis B.S. M.A.
Chair Massage
Side Lying massage for Pregnancy massage
Structured Integrated Work for Fibromyalgia
Wolf Method
Experienced massage therapists know the value of expanding and deepening their knowledge in massage therapy as well as those areas related to health and well being. Education adds value, quality and integrity to the massages clients receive. I love to learn and have always embraced new knowledge, and then have woven it into my practice to benefit each client as needed. Here is a listing of my education background.
Self study:
Education & Training:
Heart Touch Center - Karen Ball, LMT, 503-290-4075 Oregon License #4514  
Karen Ball, LMT
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